Minggu, 05 Mei 2013

Parent Behavior Relationships With Genesis Obesity in Preschool Children ( 3-4 years ) in The Garden Flora Surabaya City

Obesity is a global problem that happened by the world society in both the developed and developing countries including Indonesia. Based on the first survey, it shows that a lot of preschool children who are obese, and one reason is their knowledge, attitudes and parents behavior. The purpose of this research is to know that there is relation between knowledge, attitude and parents behavior with the obesity incident.

The corelasical analytic research design is using Cross sectional perspektif, using Simple random sampling method. Samples were taken by 44 respondents that are parents with preschool children who visit the flora garden of Surabaya city in June 2011. The research was taken using a questionnaire and observation. After it’s tabulated, the data were analyzed using multiple logistic regression test.

This research shows that the parents’s knowledge with a value of á = 0.027 <0.05, parents’s attitudes to the value of á = 0.016 <0.05 and parents’s behavior with a value of á = 0.007 <0.05, it’s means there is a relation. It can be concluded that there is a relationship of knowledge, attitudes and parents behavior with the obesity incident in preschool children.

Based on the results of the research, the society should increase their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding the provision of nutrition intake and activities appropriate for preschool children to the child’s weight can be well controlled so that obesity in preschool children can be prevented as early as possible through improved education of health personnel.
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