Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Knowledge level overview of the Young Women About Breast Self-Examination (Realize)

Adolescent ranges from age 15-18 year. Puberty time a stage in where happen sexual tools maturity and reached reproduction ability. Caused by change wanted a knowledge about woman reproduction organ especially about breast, because in that breast often happens difference as does tame tumor in breast, breast cancer and other as it. To detect that difference existence is done certain effortss one of them do breast investigation that do self or called self examination breast. This research aim knew adolescent knowledge level putrid about self examination breast.
This research design descriptive, with population that is eleventh year class Government Senior High School 1 Rengel. By using purposive sampling got sample as much as 92 respondents as according to criteria inklusi. Varible this research daughter adolescent knowledge level about self examination breast. The research Instrument uses quetionairs then cultivated to pass editing, secoring and tabulating with prosentation.
This research result a large part respondent that is 73 respondents (79,35%) has good knowledge level. So that adolescent supposed daughter wants to look for and the knowledge increase about woman well-being belongs about self examination breast important for they. This matter can be done with follow elucidation that held well-being operator at their region self or at school, besides also can accessing information from source other like radio, television, newspaper, magazine and others.  

Keyword: Knowlwdge, Self Examination Breast (SADARI), Adolescent.
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